Diary 15.02.2017

Date: Tháng Hai 15, 2017 Author: Casa Hà Nội Categories: Nhật ký Casa Hanoi

What is Spring?
Wednesday, 15th February 2017

Flowers are blooming everywhere we go. The sun is starting to shine brightly more often. This morning, the teachers showed the children a picture of a bright sky and a field with many colourful flowers. “What do you see?” the teacher asked.

Naomi: “Flowers! Many flowers!”
Mia: “ I see sky and sun and trees… and this is a mountain!”

“This looks like a Spring to me,” said Ms Sheila. “What is Spring?” asked Mia. “I think, Spring is when the flowers start to bloom and the sky becomes brighter. What do you think is Spring?” asked Ms Sheila.

To allow the children appreciate and understand Spring, the teachers show them more photos and invited them to observe fresh flowers. They were then invited to either draw or paint flowers using cotton buds.

With the children’s exposure to different art media, Naomi initiated to add colourful glitter after painting flowers with cotton buds. Mia and Dang Minh were then inspired by Naomi and added some glitter on their art work.

Meanwhile, Dang Minh and Huy Hoang discovered the recycled wood in the atelier and started to build ‘auto’ and car parks together.

Max revisited his interest in helicopter by working on the ’Parts of a Helicopter’ nomenclature cards. Danny was intrigued with what Max was working on and watched Max as the latter matched the cards accordingly.

It’s always fun to share a good book with friends. Max, Huy Hoang and Danny shared a book about airplanes and airports.

The children have been diligently working on a ‘sewn foam purse’. Watch this space for more handcrafted work of the children.

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