Diary 14.02.2017

Date: Tháng Hai 15, 2017 Author: Casa Hà Nội Categories: Nhật ký Casa Hanoi

Spontaneous Moments
14th February 2017

Today is the 14th of February. People in different parts of the world celebrate this day as Valentines Day. What is Valentines Day? How will you show your love for your family?
Mia: “Con sẽ vo gạo nấu cơm giúp bố mẹ”
Naomi: ‘” Con sẽ làm việc nhà giúp bố mẹ”
Huy Hoang: “Con sẽ nhặt rau giúp mẹ”
Max: “ Con sẽ ôm mẹ 1 cái”
Dang Minh: “ Con cũng sẽ làm việc nhà cô ạ
Danny: ‘’Con sẽ thơm lên má mẹ và nói con thương mẹ nhiều lắm

Mia, Naomi and Danny chose to make Valentine Cards after connection time while Huy Hoang, Max, and Dang Minh worked in different activities on offer in the Montessori room.

Of course, our kitchen is always busy. This morning, we helped to peel and slice the vegetables for the pantry.
After slicing, Huy Hoang and Danny delivered them to the pantry for our salad at lunch.

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