Diary 20.04.2017 (part 2)

Date: Tháng Tư 24, 2017 Author: Casa Hà Nội Categories: Nhật ký Casa Hanoi

Spontaneous Moments

Thursday, 20th April 2017

Tu Anh, the new member of our class is getting herself familiar with the materials on offer in class.  She has been eager to explore the materials in different areas.  Today, she demonstrated interests in working with Sensorial materials that strengthens her spatial awareness and judgement skills.


The children in our class have been enthused with different types of vehicles such as airplane, boats, and cars.  They have been practising to fold paper into an airplane or a boat.  On some occasions, they tried tying their paper boat on a string and ran it in the lake in front of our school.  The teachers also provocated a basin of water in class where the children could test their paper boats with.


The children in our class are empowered to explore and use different materials which allow them to mix and match and think creatively.  Today, Huy Hoang and Dang Minh worked alongside to make ‘auto’  and trains.  They choose the materials by themselves and put them together to make the vehicle that they like.  Huy Hoang made multiple train carriages whilst Dang Minh made a long train with paper that they cut by themselves.  They used their previous knowledge in shapes, cutting paper as well as their judgement of which glue and tape work well for their chosen project.


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