Diary 21.04.2017

Date: Tháng Năm 3, 2017 Author: Casa Hà Nội Categories: Nhật ký Casa Hanoi

‘Stars in the Sky’ an Action Painting

With the children’s natural inclination to move and their growing interest in art, the teachers initiated a Jackson Pollock inspired painting where children would be able to integrate movement, art and creativity.

On the 21st of April 2017, Ms Sheila invited the chil- dren to choose a color for the base of their painting. The 0-3 children had a unanimous choice—pink! While the Casa 3-6 on level 2 initially chose yellow but eventu- ally changed their mind and decided to use red. “What‟s red and yellow? What happens Ms Sheila?” asked Danny as he painted red over the yellow paint. “What do you see?” asked Ms Sheila.“Orange!” responded Danny and Huy Hoang. The children in 3-6 class on level 1 decided to use yellow as their base.

The 0-3 children took pleasure painting their hands and splashing them on the canvass while most of the 3-6 children opted to use paint brushes. Ei- ther way, they made great paint for their base.

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