Diary 08.05.2017

Date: Tháng Năm 12, 2017 Author: Casa Hà Nội Categories: Nhật ký Casa Hanoi

Clean Up Drive (Monday, 8th May 2017)
On Friday, the 5th of May, all the children in Casa Hanoi spent a morning at the park to play and build with the recycled and natural materials that they could find in the environment. While the children were playing, a teacher took photos of the surroundings with garbage everywhere.
This morning, the teachers showed the children the photos and asked what they see. “Yakult!” “water bottle.” “Garbage.”
The children expressed their thoughts about the garbage being thrown around. “We should clean up,” Mia suggested. “”nếu mà vứt rác nhiều sẽ gây hiện tượng hiệu ứng nhà kính cho trái đất,” said Danny.
The whole class de- cided to do the clean up today rather than postpone it to another day. The teachers quickly acted on the ideas and suggestions of the children. To- gether, they prepared the things that they need for the clean up and paired up randomly by picking a piece of paper with a drawn shape. This gave the children the opportunity to identify shapes and match them accordingly.
When all the pairs were ready, they started walking to the park, holding each other’s hand. “Whoa!” the children exclaimed with disappointment in their faces as they reached the park and saw garbage everywhere. They then put on a glove and
got on with the work! The children were all en-thusiastic running here and there picking up every garbage that they see. They were all un- stoppable! Even the heat of the sun couldn’t stop them.
“I’m sad.” said one of the children when the teacher asked her how she feels about the clean up, “…because some people just throw bottles here.”
What happens to the garbage that are being thrown
away? What will happen if people continue to do this? What can we do to prevent this? These are some of the questions that the teachers would like to explore to develop environmental awareness among the chil- dren in Casa. This will be an investigation and exploration in process.
Through this exploration, the teachers were able to tap on
the children’s emotions, and demonstrated environmental awareness. The teachers aim to develop an intrinsic and genu- ine care for natural environment among the children under their care as well as to the people around them.

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