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Today our class will have a lot of things to do in school: sing, dance while learning about the opposites. Happy – sad, big – small, long -short, tall – short, hot – cold, empty – full, new – old, wet – dry and clean – dirty. The focus of the lesson is to understand antonyms or opposite words through picture vocabulary and also to say the phrase: ____ is (new) and ____ is (old) pattern. 


One of the student asked about “tall – short”, “long – short”. Yenye, Ha An, Mia and Nayomi are one of the older students in the class. They were quite confused and so they asked why I said “tall-short” at first. Yenye said: “Teacher, it’s long and short”.

I then show the next card to the class which is the long and short. I then tell everyone that “long” is for measuring horizontal lines. Something that is laying on the ground. For example, “the road is long”, and “it’s a long bus”.

“Tall” is for measuring vertical lines. Something that is standing (top to bottom). For example, “teacher is tall”, “I saw a big and tall tree”. 


I assumed that “long – short” and “tall – short” will cause confusion to kids. And I am happy about students asking questions during the lesson. So after the flash card, I ask each one of them to tell something they know about each vocabulary:

“Look at these two bottles, which is big and which is small?”

“This bottle is empty, nothing inside. And this bottle is_____?”

“Can you say something that is cold/hot?, I have two pens, which is long / short?”

“Are you feeling happy / sad today?” And so on. 


It is very interactive and fun! Young ones are maybe just mimicking words and phrases at this time, but they can recognize the opposites easily buy looking at the pictures. You are all great!


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