Casa Hanoi in an AMI 3-6  teacher’s feeling

Date: Tháng Tám 8, 2017 Author: Casa Hà Nội Categories: Nhật ký Casa Hanoi, SỰ KIỆN SẮP TỚI

Casa Hanoi is the school that gives the essence of Montessori education. It is located in a incredible place with natural beauty which is inviting and thoughtfully arranged classrooms embedded with each element of Maria Montessori’s approach. Children start their day with the nature outside the classroom and move into their work with calm and peaceful mind.

Materials are arranged on accessible racks leading children to independence. Every material is arranged in an order that fosters  to the child’s development. It is a prepared environment which is safe, child friendly and inviting. The classrooms are open and spacious which helps child to move around and choose their work according to their inner urge. Teachers play a great role of a guardian angel where they approach a child only if the child requires help. Lot of activities and materials are available to meet the child’s phase of development. Children are independent in choosing their activity and joy of working is clearly visible. 

Also noticed a silent corner where a disturbed child is allowed to sit, relax and then get back to his work in few minutes or seconds. Lot of happiness and joy noticed in the children. It is great to see children of different ages working together where the older children take pride in mentoring the younger ones. Peer group learning was also noticed which eventually helps the child in socializing. 

Educating the young, tender mind is a sacred job and your school definitely does a great job.! 

Great job!!!! Keep it up and make it grow!

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