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Date: Tháng Mười 23, 2017 Author: Casa Hà Nội Categories: Nhật ký Casa Hanoi

We have been exploring our five senses and this was one way we explored our sense of hearing.

All sounds that I prepared made different sound. The children spent their time listening and checking out the different sounds from the audio. I  presented the following instruments: Ukulele, Guitar, Piano, Bass drum, Maracas, Flute, Xylophone, Saxophone, Tambourine, and Violin. Upon doing the activity, I asked the children to close their eyes, listen carefully and name what instrument is the sounds from. Almost instruments were familiar with the students. I can see how active children are in listening and naming the different sounds from each instrument. After the activity, I laid all the flashcards on the mat and repeated its name as I put them back in the folder.

On the following day, after some brainstorming about the instruments presented, I brought a ukulele in the class and together with the guitar in school and introduced them to the children.

“Can you still remember these instruments?”

“Yes, it’s Ukulele and guitar” Nayomi, answered.

“That’s right! What are the differences between a ukulele and a guitar?”

“One is big and one is small”, Mia said.

“That’s good! Ukulele is small, and guitar is big. What about the sounds?”

 “Ukulele has small sound and guitar has big sound”. Yenye, answered.

“Okay. Let’s listen once more.”

Ukulele has small sound and guitar has bigger sound than ukulele.

Haan answered as well: “One is silent and one is noisy”.

“That’s nice answer, but it’s quitter not silent because silent means no sound and quitter means has sound, but not very loud or noisy”.

These were very nice observations and answers children. Then, I let them strum the ukulele and the guitar yourself. And children did the strumming. As a wrap up activity, we sang the “I Am the Music Man” and did the dance/action as well.

This activity was a wonderful way to explore our sense of hearing as it invited the children to use their ears to explore different sounds, instruments.

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